Our Story

A letter from our founder.

Why did I decide to start Pally?

Well, I believe that literally the only thing that matters in this world are the relationships that we have; the people we choose to spend our life with, whether personal or professional. Everything else is just noise.

Think about it: we get caught up talking about companies, countries, and political parties… Yet these are made-up concepts.

It is people that turn these concepts into something tangible; something with meaning. Concepts don't make decisions, people do.

I believe the solution to many of the world's problems is to focus on building authentic, meaningful connections with our fellow human beings. But the tools we have to do this are not fit for purpose.

Social media is about attention. Eyeballs. Swiping and scrolling into algorithmic oblivion. Messaging apps are basic utilities; overwhelmed with a mess of personal, professional, and random conversations; it's impossible to keep on top of it all.

How many incredible humans have you met, formed strong bonds with, only to lose touch with them later?

"Your network is your net worth", not because having a stronger network makes you more money (although that's probably true), but because relationships are what make life worth living.

I started Pally to solve social connection. To help people get connected and stay connected. To give people the tools to improve their social life, make better plans, and become better friends.

My vision with Pally is "for every human to feel belonging, build strong social connections, and live better lives."

Nothing else is more important.

Haz Hubble

Founder & CEO

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